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Mugs – Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate… Whatever you decide, a hot beverage is a great way to stay warm this winter.



Cupcake Stands – Who DOESN’T need a place to show off their cupcakes?  Exactly, Everyone DOES!


Heart Bowls – Aww…these are cute!



Wine Cups – Want to entertain guests in a unique way? Check out the wine cups. Make your wine drinking experience extra special with wine cups.

600_5921 copy
600_5917 copy

Small Containers – Salt, sugar, your call. Small containers designed for your small items.

Vessels600_5901 copy

Quad Toned Pie Plates (deep dish) – We don’t mess around in our studio, and we don’t mess around when we make Pie. So, to accommodate a enormous love for Pie, We have made some LARGE Pie Plates to accommodate the Pie Lovers! Oh, and they also look great in your kitchen!

8.5″inside base, 2-2.5″ deep


532225_600475520047014_361895905_nPie Plates

Pie Plates – Great for the holidays or any day!

Apple Baker – Healthy treat or decadent dessert? You decide.

Christmas Nativity – A hand-crafted reminder of the true meaning of the season. Merry Christmas!


LCMS 2013 Convention Chalices – DownToEarthenware made 30 chalices to be used during communion at the 2013 LCMS Convention.


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