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The kids wanted to start helping with the business this year. They have been making some money this year to go toward their summer camp cost! They are little rockstars with this pottery stuff! Not long and I will start having helpers with the work in the line!

Some new photos from the 2016-2018 Pottery Seasons.

The Shepherd addition for the Large Figurine Nativity

Beer Mugs – Freezable and Microwavable! These are great for the beverage drinker in your house, whether hot or cold beverages!

Mugs – Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate… Whatever you decide, a hot beverage is a great way to stay warm this winter.


Cupcake Stands – Who DOESN’T need a place to show off their cupcakes?  Exactly, Everyone DOES!


Heart Bowls – Aww…these are cute!


Wine Cups – Want to entertain guests in a unique way? Check out the wine cups. Make your wine drinking experience extra special with wine cups.

600_5921 copy
600_5917 copy

Small Containers – Salt, sugar, your call. Small containers designed for your small items.

Vessels600_5901 copy

Quad Toned Pie Plates (deep dish) – We don’t mess around in our studio, and we don’t mess around when we make Pie. So, to accommodate a enormous love for Pie, We have made some LARGE Pie Plates to accommodate the Pie Lovers! Oh, and they also look great in your kitchen!

8.5″inside base, 2-2.5″ deep


532225_600475520047014_361895905_nPie Plates

Pie Plates – Great for the holidays or any day!

Apple Baker – Healthy treat or decadent dessert? You decide.

Christmas Nativity – A hand-crafted reminder of the true meaning of the season. Merry Christmas!


LCMS 2013 Convention Chalices – DownToEarthenware made 30 chalices to be used during communion at the 2013 LCMS Convention.


1 thought on “Image Gallery

  1. I bought the small cutout nativity in white at the craft fair at EHS. Do you have the same but in the orange? I can pick it up at your school if possible. Thanks!!
    Patti Pfeiffer cell# 830-4086


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