New Process Video’s Posted on DowntoEarthenware

Every so often, we like to share some quick video’s (some with and some without audio) Since we love watching people throw on the wheel, we thought maybe you all would like to see some examples of us making the ware that you purchase.

Chicken Baker

Our newest item (yet to be unveiled) is the Chicken Baker. (We are formulating a post on how to use this to be viewed another day) Here is how it is made:

Baking Dish / Pie Plates

Our baking dishes are probably the most popular item we sell! These dishes are not only look great, but bake extremely well! We previously posted an AWESOME breakfast Crustless Egg Casserole dish on our site. Here is how they are made:


There are other process video’s on our Video’s Page. Feel free to give them a gander.
If you have any other process video’s you would like to see posted, please let us know so we can make them!

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