Christmas in July


Is it July already??!!?? The studio has officially moved into the garage! Pottery is starting to take shape in this new environment which is riddled with little fingers wanting to help dad with his “pottery”! Help that sure has good intentions but is sure to end in terror if you were a freshly thrown pot!

Working at home sure has its benefits though, quick breaks from throwing slows for spur of the moment water gun fights and yummy blackberry picking!

This year we are working on some new additions to our line of pottery. These nesting bowls will make their debut in Staunton Illinois in September.


These are an adaptation to the design of our baking dishes, otherwise known as our cobbler bakers. This new design will feature handles (some with, some without) and a new rim style, similar to the ‘split rim’ design pictured above on the mixing bowls.


We will continue to offer the favorites, like the little birds nesting on top of the spoon rests.



We will also continue our line of pie plates. This year look for the option of two different sizes. The Large will allow for a Small to nest inside for greater storage options. We will continue our new bread bakers (late fall 2015) they were a hit and people have sent pictures bragging about their wonderful loaves of bread.

You will also be able to find our interesting salt shakers. The salt shakers are a bit larger this year, hoping to reduce the amount of refills needed as well as still offering something that can be easily grabbed with the hand.

All of these items will debut this Fall at local area Art and Craft fairs around the St. Louis area. You will, of course, still be able to contact us directly from our Facebook page.

Look for all these new items at the DowntoEarthenware booth which is also getting a facelift. Look for unique crates to display all of our awesome functional pottery!

Christmas will come soon enough, don’t forget to complete your Christmas list early by contacting us for a one-of-a-kind dish for your loved ones!

Reclaimed and Repurposed

People get so worked up about things breaking. Not everything I throw or build survives into a finished product. There are a variety of steps that the clay takes to get to a functional piece of pottery. At any given time a piece may crack, warp, or explode. Sure, it’s disappointing because now I have to reinvest my time to create a like item, but it’s not a total loss. If the clay hasn’t been fired then all I’m out is my time because I can reuse that clay. Any clay that gets trimmed from a piece isn’t automatically garbage, either. I save all of it.


Scraps are left on a canvas table to get bone dry.


After the clay pieces are bone dry I rehydrate them in a 5 gallon bucket.



The sludgy clay is put into a mixer.

600_2054 600_2058 600_2059

Then I add enough clay powder to reach the proper consistency.

I get my clay from Krueger Pottery in St. Louis.

600_2061 600_2066 600_2068

Once the clay works through the mixture it comes out a manageable consistency that I will use to create more pieces.


There’s a similar process that we go through as humans, as Christians. In our sin and brokenness we are useless. We lack appeal and value and could easily be discarded.  However, God chose to repurpose us. He chose to give us new life. He rehydrated us with Christ’s blood and the waters of baptism. He uses the Holy Spirit to work in our hearts. After Christ we have a new purpose, we have a new value. We are redeemed  creations of the Potter. He forms us, shapes us and gives us purpose – life.

New Favorite Things

600_5917 copyMaking a piece that is aesthetically pleasing is a task. Making a piece that is functional is also a task. Making a dish that possesses both qualities can be a challenge. That is my challenge. I was thrilled last spring when a friend helped me get in touch with Miss Ruth from Conservatism and Bacon. Miss Ruth had some interest in pottery from DowntoEarthenware. I am always looking for people willing to try out my baking ware for critique so I know what it can do, what its limitations are and how I can improve the design and functionality. Miss Ruth was willing to field test a few of the apple bakers and some medium sized baking dishes. 600_5930 copy Check out her review of DowntoEarthenware at New Favorite Things by Miss Ruth and then visit our Etsy store so you can bake like Miss Ruth! And while you’re at it – go ahead and follow her blog – it’s worth it!

From The Kitchen And On The Road

I love to cook. And I love to bake. If you follow any of my social media (this blog included) you know this already. If I’m not following politics I’m probably in my kitchen throwing random ingredients together in an attempt to either fully destroy my kitchen or create another drool-worthy masterpiece. Part of the what makes the whole process a success is the right cookware. And I’ve sorely been lacking in that area since having to sell off all my original cook- and bakeware. I’m super picky about my pieces and want each one to be multi-functioning and worth the price, material, time, etc, which is probably the biggest reason I’m STILL working on my collection.

Well, this chick is three pieces closer to her dream kitchen thanks to a small company called DowntoEarthenware. The owner and earthenware creator extraordinaire, Zach Schnare, is based out of the tiny…

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